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Lisbon City rehabilitation

Lisbon City Council launches rehabilitation program "Reabilita primeiro e paga depois"

The program “Reabilita Primeiro Paga Depois”, released by the City Hall of Lisbon, consists in selling municipal vacant buildings in Lisbon, with the buyer's obligation to undertake rehabilitation works, with the possibility to pay the building only after completion of rehabilitation works.

Under the program, interested parties may choose to pay the price of the building at the end of the deadline for the completion of the rehabilitation operation, which varies between 21 and 28 months, or to pay immediatly, with a 10% discount.

This program is intended for individuals and companies, national or foreign, wishing to acquire real estate vacant and in deficient conservation status for urban regeneration.

Get here the program regulation.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Mar 26 2013

Reabilitação de edifício

Project for requalification of Borralho Family Palace awarded to Concepsys

Concepsys was the selected office to develop the requalification project of the Borralho family Palace, located in the municipality of Cuba, in the Alentejo region, in Portugal. This project, which will be developed in the context of an application to the PRODER funding program, includes the conversion of the current main residential family building into an house-museum and an intervention in the attached buildings, that will receive several complementary uses.

The Borralho Palace is an exceptional building in the context of it's surroundings. Among other things, it stands out for its volumetrics, scale and architectural language, constituting a physical testimony to the open and progressive mind of whom has erected it.

The story of José Joaquim Palma Borralho merges with the municipality of Cuba's own history. An entrepreneur who contributed greatly to the progress, livelihood and welfare of the people of his homeland. Throughout his life, he was responsible for making Cuba one of the first towns in the Alentejo region to have electric lighting. He held the Chamber and President of local social institution Santa Casa Misericordia, responsible for developing and supporting it's community in various ways.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Fev 2 2013

Reliable Architecture Office in Lisbon Portugal

Concepsys awarded as Applause Client since 2012 by Millennium BCP bank

CONCEPSYS was distinguished with the Applause Customer 2012 MillenniumBCP program.

According to the received diploma, "Applause program certifies customer's financial soundness, economic performance, innovation and involvement with Millenniumbcp".

This award was received after CONCEPSYS has started new business areas at the beginning of the year, including the representation of the online BIMOBJECT.COM portal in the Iberian peninsula and the BIM consulting activity through GDLMAKERS website, that result of over 20 years of specific know-how in this area.

Soon to be expected new projects in the areas of urban renewal and interior design.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Fev 2 2013

A new Habicuidados Home care services store to be built in Cascais

The work of the Habicuidados Home Support Service in Cascais is already under execution after approval of the licensing by the Social Security Institute of the Lisbon district. This is another project developed by Concepsys for the Habicuidados fractured network.

By concepsys, Apr 10 2012

New legislation on the installation of residential structures for the elderly

The work of the Habicuidados Home Support Service in Cascais is already under execution after approval of the licensing by the Social Security Institute of the Lisbon district. This is another project developed by Concepsys for the Habicuidados fractured network.

By concepsys, Mar 21 2012

Concepsys 10th Anniversary

Concepsys celebrates this year 10 years of activity.

By concepsys, Jan 1 2012

Competition for design and construction of 11 nurseries in Lisbon

Concepsys participated in the design and construction competition for 11 nurseries in Lisbon, launched by the Lisbon City Council, under the Baba program, developing the architecture projects of the consortium formed by Carmo Estruturas, a company specialized in wood building and Edificadora Luz. & Alves.

Due to economic circumstances, Edificadora Luz & Alves became insolvent in the meantime, which led to the disqualification of the consortium and consequently the proposal. However, no other competitor was selected, and the Lisbon City Council, promoter of the contest, annulled the intention to hire.

Issues of law and justice aside, here we leave working images of three months. Notwithstanding this absolutely unfortunate situation, which has irreparably harmed all those involved, we publicly underline the professionalism, seriousness and attitude of the company Carmo Structures, which we consider unique.

By concepsys, Sep 15 2011

New childcare facility legislation

Ordinance No. 262/2011 was published today, which establishes the new norms regulating the conditions of installation and operation of day care centers, regardless of whether they are private initiative, private social solidarity institutions or similar. Concepsys has a very relevant experience in this area, providing consulting and design services.

You can access the legislation here

By concepsys, Aug 31 2011

3rd Prize in the Óbidos Technology Park project design competition

Concepsys won the third prize in the project contest for the Óbidos Technology Park. The competition, which was contested by 23 offices, was launched at the end of 2010 by Obitec and aimed at the design of the two central buildings to be built at the Óbidos Technology Center, located in the Gaeiras area, in the Óbidos municipality.

By concepsys, Aug 18 2011

Alcochete mini-market remodeling work completed

The remodeling work of the Campino mini-market in Alcochete is now complete.

The project developed by Concepsys consists of the remodeling of a small neighborhood mini-market (50 m2). In addition to an up-to-date look and more efficient organization, the small supermarket now has a small coffee area.

By concepsys, Aug 18 2011

1st SAD opened under the partnership between Concepsys and Habicuidados

The Habicuidados Home Support Service in Aveiro is already licensed and in operation. This is the first of several projects under development by Concepsys under the partnership established with Habicuidados. Two more projects of this brand are currently under development, which will be available in the Azores and Cascais.

By concepsys, Jul 15 2011

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